If you are considering an outdoor patio, the chances are high that there is one particular reason strongly drawing you towards the possibility. Whether that reason is for the value, the leisure, or the entertainment, you may not be aware of the plethora of other reasons that make having an outdoor patio in Perth a fantastic idea. Just to give you the full and entire scope, we have rounded up all the best benefits we could come up with that may help you make up your mind to go ahead and start building that outdoor patio of your dreams.

1. The added value

A covered outdoor patio can add so much value to a home that previously had no such outdoor space. While it may be quite the investment up front and those numbers might scare you, you have to consider the payoff. When you decide it is time to finally sell your home, an outdoor patio can up your selling price more than you know. Buyers know how convenient and usable an outdoor living space is, and it’s a highly attractive feature when they are looking at tons and tons of houses with not much to help them stand out from each other.

2. The entertainment space

Depending on how you design and stage your outdoor patio, it can turn into quite the entertainment space. For example, consider installing an outdoor kitchen area on the patio. If you are someone who likes to bring the party to your own house, your outdoor kitchen and living space is the perfect place to host a small crowd. In the warmer months, you could cook on your outdoor grill while your guests relax on benches or chairs and enjoy the summer air.

3. The leisure space

If entertaining is not really your thing, maybe lounging is. An outdoor patio can serve as the perfect reading nook, resting area, or hang-out spot for the whole family. The options are endless; it just depends on how you want to fill the space. Add a hot tub to create the ultimate relaxation space. Finding a large round table could make your outdoor patio the perfect spot for a family game night. A barbecue means more outdoor dinners. The aspect of leisure is ingrained into the nature of an outdoor patio, but the specific use can be customised for your needs and desires.

4. It protects you and your furniture

It would be fair to argue that most of the above reasons could still be accomplished with a paved but uncovered patio. While that’s true, the covered outdoor patio provides a protection unique to itself. Having a cover over your patio space protects the furniture and equipment you have invested in and put in this space. It’s no fun to buy new patio furniture after every storm. An extra safeguard, the roofing aspect will allow you to sit outside and listen to the rain or keep your grill safe from pelting hail. Preserving the patio space will protect the value of it and your home. While bad weather is inevitable, it doesn’t have to put a damper on your leisure. Even on days when the weather isn’t perfect, your favourite little outdoor spot still will be.

5. It encourages more outdoor time

It’s easy to get caught up in staying warm and cosy inside on your couch. During winter or rainy months, staying inside so much can actually cause seasonal depression. Not only is spending time outdoors good for your mood and mental health, the sun can also provide important Vitamin D to you. When you know you have a protected outdoor space at your home, you will be more likely to spend time there. Instead of reading in bed, you may find yourself inclined to read on the patio as the sun sets. Perhaps your morning routine will turn into coffee in your robe on the patio while reading the newspaper instead of rushing to get ready and run out the door to work.

More time outdoors is great for children, too. In today’s world, children are bombarded by digital screens and indoor technology. What happened to the days of playing with friends outside or spending time on an outdoor swing set? An outdoor patio could give all you parents a place to relax while watching your children play in the backyard. Maybe they could even convince you to get that swing set after all.

Go for It

Hopefully this roundup of reasons will help you go for it in deciding to build an outdoor patio. If you’re ready to take the plunge and are looking for the right company to get the job done, look no further. At Platinum Outdoors, we can work with you to create an outdoor living space to satisfy your vision.

Building on to your home may make you nervous if it is your first time doing so. You already have your home in tact but you are wanting to add to it and improve upon it; you don’t want any accidents that may cause damage to your current infrastructure and you want to trust that the people and materials used will take the utmost care of your property while keeping your family in mind. It’s smart to take your time in the planning stages of these kinds of projects, so as to avoid any issues that could have been prevented with a little bit of research to find the right company. If you’re still in these planning stages, we wanted to provide you with some important things to consider when hiring an alfresco builder in Perth. Some of the more paramount steps to take into consideration include:

1. Creating a complete list of options.

Creating a long list of all of your available options is the perfect place to start. You’ll be able to see how much flexibility you have with choosing a company. The more companies you can identify, the more power you have in finding the exact right one for you, whatever that means. Doing a quick Google search can illuminate a lot, and you may be surprised with how many experienced alfr

esco companies there are in Perth. At this stage there are no strict qualifications to consider before adding anyone to the list. If they provide what you’re looking for, they have made it past step one.

2. Researching the most important aspects of each long-list option.

Whilst doing in-depth research at this stage would be exhaustive and unnecessary, doing a bit of skimming research will help to narrow down the list to a higher-quality selection of businesses to choose from.  The most important things to immediately consider when weeding out the crowd includes reputation, portfolio, and services.

  • Reputation

Reputation deals with customer reviews, ratings and testimonials. The company website is a great place to start, but prepare to see mostly positive information. Of course, a building company will not post negative testimonials on its site. Look on Facebook for guest reviews or on sites where the company cannot control the feedback. Take it a step further. Ask around to people you know for their honest opinion on the company. Even if they haven’t used them before, they may know someone who has. There’s no better source than a former customer.

  • Portfolio

On the company’s site, they should provide a portfolio of previous work. Taking a quick look at the quality and style of previous projects will help you get a general understanding if the work they do is what you’re looking for.

  • Services

It’s absolutely key to make sure the companies offer the kind of work you are looking to get done. If they don’t have it listed on their site as an offered service, go ahead and cross them off. You don’t want to hire someone to do a job for you they have no experience doing.

3. Narrowing down the list and giving the short-list options a call.

Once you’ve dwindled the list down quite a bit, go ahead and give the companies that are still standing a call. Consider their customer service and how quickly and well they answer your questions. Ask to set up an interview with the most promising companies to speak about a project you’re starting.

4. Interviewing and getting competitive bids.

Here begins the most important part of the process. During the interview, ask a list of prepared questions that will help determine if they can take on your project with success. Things to ask about include whether they have taken on a similar project in the past, how many projects they are actively working on at the same time, a list of past client references, and a list of financial references.

If the interview is going well, you can steer the conversation towards a competitive bid from the company. Getting bids from a few builders will help you know how much you should be paying for your project. Once you’ve received all the bids you are interested in, compare them. Compare the included scope of work, completion dates, warranties, and quality of materials to be used.

5. Making your final decision on alfresco builders in Perth.

Once you’ve done a side by side comparison of the best bids, you can determine which bid offers you the most and will satisfy your building needs. At Platinum Outdoors, we always strive to meet your alfresco building needs in Perth. If after all of these steps your options aren’t aligning with what you hoped, give us a call and we can make your outdoor patio dreams come true.

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