It’s all too easy to overlook wood and what it can do for the outside of your home, rather than in terms of furniture like dining tables and chairs that you’ll normally find on the inside.

We have a tendency to disregard it in favour of steel, stone and concrete because they are recognised as long-lasting, and better able to withstand the seasons. But as long as it’s treated with agents to keep it from rotting in the elements and all they have to throw at it, wood can be just as good for improving the outdoor aesthetic of your home as much as it does on the inside. It can help add a whole new dimension to how you view your outdoor spaces.

There’s lots in Perth that can be done with one of nature’s most durable, natural wonders, such as:

  • Decking
  • Car ports
  • Patios

As long as you hire a forward-thinking builder and designer to work on whichever project you decide to undertake, you shouldn’t have too much trouble in transforming some of your outdoor living spaces with timber.

But to start with, let’s take the same principle of the family gathering to eat in one place, but transporting the meal from being eaten inside the house to it being eaten in the garden instead…

Alfresco patios in Perth

When ‘Neighbours’ became a British phenomenon in the late 1980s, one of the things that they found so fascinating about people in the Northern hemisphere was the attitude people have towards eating outside. This was always going to be the case; it’s much easier to do it in fictional Erinsborough where the sun is always shining rather than real-life Manchester where it always rains!

Our ways of outdoor living on our outdoor patios are key to our country’s belief in having a good time, so you’ll want the setting to be right.

Get the right alfresco builders in Perth to do the job and you’ll have a fantastic space in which to entertain friends and family for years to come. There are cedar-lined patios and other timber patios to choose from, or you can make it all about you by designing your own custom patio.

Express yourself and your aesthetic creativity freely with a design that matches the elegant class of the rest of your home, and with that extension to your living space you’ll enjoy the benefits that come with it. It can have play as much, or as little a part in your home life as you choose.

Awnings will all keep you safely in the shade when the sun roars at its hottest – just think of how jealous they’d be in soggy old Britain!

Timber carports

Despite our love of all things outdoors, there are of course times when the weather turns and you need to protect things that can’t be taken into the house. Your car, for instance.

A timber carport in Perth could be just what you need to guard your motor from a thunderstorm when the rainy season hits, or from the unforgiving sun in the summer. It’s not as enclosed as a garage which allows for a certain degree of ventilation, but it acts as a vital first line of defence from whatever might fall – or shine – through the sky.

These strong and stable structures keep your windows and windscreens clear from the might of Mother Nature, and in colder climates unlike our milder winters, they even keep frost off windscreens. A simple carport can therefore be a vital tool in keeping your car on the road.

Alfresco decking

Like a patio, alfresco decking in Perth is the ideal place to put a table and some chairs and to entertain large groups of friends or your family, or to surround your swimming pool to give it the appearance of a cool, classy holiday resort.

It gets its name, not unnaturally, from looking like the deck of a ship. It’s kind to bare feet, unlike the concrete of a patio, and it extends your house’s living area outside beautifully. Imagine if you have French doors opening onto a beautifully-decked area. It would be like a whole extension to the room!

There’s also the opportunity to think fourth-dimensionally about decking. It doesn’t just have to extend from the inside of your home to the outside by way of your garden. If you have a door that leads onto a roof terrace or balcony, why not lay decking there too? ‘Up on the roof’ could be your sanctuary or cocoon away from the world.

And that’s another plus point about timber decking – it needn’t be all about being the life and soul of the party. Instead of being the host with the most, why not put a sun lounger on it, wherever you choose to position the timber, and take in the rays with a book or your music player?

What’s it to be?

Now that you’ve had a chance to see what you can do to transform your outdoor areas using wood, why not use the Platinum Outdoors website to formulate a plan?

The possibilities there are certainly very tempting if you seek to add value to your home with a wood-based feature that makes outdoor living in Perth a pleasure. Potential buyers will always note these stand out features and it boosts the perceived value of your home.

You have an opportunity to make your home more popular when the time comes to sell it – and all though making the outdoors that elusive extra room that doesn’t cost as much as an extension made from bricks and mortar. The transformation to the feeling of your entire home following such a simple piece of renovation work will be a revelation.

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